Wednesday 20 June

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Confused by Vanessa’s abrupt change of heart, Rhys confronts Lucas, suspecting he warned her off. When Lucas admits he did but explains his advice fell on deaf ears, Rhys returns to Vanessa and learns that she rejected him as a result of his confrontation with Susan.

With Vanessa insisting his behaviour was unacceptable, Rhys chickens out of giving her the explanation of why he was so angry and instead delivers Susan an apology. Assessing his growing feelings for her, Rhys decides not to give up, opening up a little to Vanessa in the hope of winning her over.

Struggling to support Chris through his breakup, Tash resolves to find a third housemate. However, when her efforts with her fellow neighbours fall flat, she's forced to turn to Summer. Privately doubting she could live with Tash on a permanent basis, Summer guiltily uses Karl as an excuse and declines the offer.

Fed up with what seems like endless disappointment, Chris irrationally gives Tash a serve before admitting he’s struggling to deal with the mistakes he made with Aidan. Needing stability, he decides to move back home. Tash tries to soldier on alone, but she’s completely thrown when a phone call from Michael reveals their house has been sold. What will she do now?


  • Thu 21 Jun

    Kate nervously prepares for her date with Kyle - but could Jade be about to scupper her plans?


  • Tue 19 Jun

    Vanessa worries she's set herself up for a fall when Rhys is pushed into revealing his true colours.

  • Mon 18 Jun

    As the bachelor auction gets underway, Kate's torn between following her heart and loyalty to her best friend.

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