Wednesday 21 March

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Callum wrestles with keeping Sophie’s secret but, when Toadie unwittingly confirms Sophie’s fear she’ll be sent into foster care, he resolves to stay quiet. Losing hope that Kate will return, Callum’s buoyed when she finally does. Now confident her return will bring Sophie home, Callum reveals she’s staying at Rani’s and they make it to her in time.

As the DHS meeting fast approaches, Paul prepares their game plan, assuming Kate will continue being Sophie’s guardian. Discussing what made Kate come home, the sisters’ stories don’t add up, and Callum’s forced to admit the pleading email to Kate came from him. While Sophie’s hurt that she hasn’t returned of her own accord, Kate’s annoyed that her sister is being irrational, putting the pair at odds once again. Kate and Sophie reluctantly hear each other out, coming to the tragic realisation that living together is toxic for both of them. Paul stalls Roz as the DHS meeting begins, only for Kate and Sophie to arrive and declare they no longer want to live together. But where will Sophie go?

Rhys suspects his superior, Jessica, is developing a romantic interest in Karl, and begins to worry that their closeness could put his own career in jeopardy. When Susan interrupts Karl and Jessica’s lunch, Rhys hopes things will get uncomfortable. But with the three of them getting along, Rhys realises he’s going to be up against it now more than ever. What more can he do to keep his career on track?


  • Thu 22 Mar

    Challenged to take on the legal guardianship of Sophie, Paul wonders whether he is up to the job.


  • Tue 20 Mar

    With Sophie's whereabouts unknown, Paul begins to fear the outcome of the DHS meeting.

  • Mon 19 Mar

    As Kate steps up her travel plans, an unexpected e-mail from Sophie forces her to choose between Dominic and her sister.

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