Wednesday 23 January

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Hopeful his dad will see his condition is continuing to improve, Andrew’s frustrated when Paul shuts down the idea of him returning to Charlie’s. Feeling he has no choice, Andrew returns to running the bar remotely through Tash until Paul catches them out. Tash tries to convince him that his son is up to the task but, when that doesn’t work, is forced to get personal, reminding Paul that he too lives and manages a disability without it affecting his life. Moved by Tash’s plea, Paul offers Andrew a new deal - but will he want to accept it?

Chris refuses to let his boyfriend push him away, but Aidan stands his ground: he doesn’t need or want anyone's help. Summer reminds Chris that he and Aidan are different, and that trying to change someone never works. She thinks Chris needs to respect what Aidan wants or risk losing him. After discovering Aidan isn’t avoiding his issues, Chris realises that all he can do is to let him help himself.

Reminded of the Christmas he spent with Jade last year, Kyle tries to move forward by making this one even better, recruiting Harley to help him cook dinner for the share house. Their attempts are a disaster and Harley quickly loses interest, but Kyle ploughs on, determined to get it right. Seeing him struggle but knowing why, Rhys offers to help, providing Kyle with the support he needs.


  • Thu 24 Jan

    Andrew sacrifices winning Charlie's a good review to defend Tash from an overly familiar bar critic.


  • Tue 22 Jan

    Toadie mistakenly thinks that he has got off lightly when Connor organises an inflatable boxing ring for his stag party.

  • Mon 21 Jan

    Convinced that he’s the best thing that ever happened to Vanessa, Rhys vows to continue trying to win her back.

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