Wednesday 23 May

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When Andrew gives Kyle some accounting software as a thank-you gift, the boys waste no time putting it to good use. Having input all the figures from Lou's books, however, they discover that Kyle is actually $8,000 in debt. Convinced Andrew has simply made a mistake, Kyle tries to take this in his stride but, wanting to help, Kate steps in and approaches Lou. His paranoid reaction soon ignites her suspicion, and when she discovers the truth – that he stole from Kyle to pay for his cruise – she demands he come clean.

Meanwhile, Lucas is furious when Vanessa moves into the Ramsay house, and his efforts to get Lou onside prove wasted when his friend simply tells him to man up. Lucas isn’t impressed but finally calls a truce with Vanessa, telling her she can stay – just for a while.

Elsewhere, Andrew isn’t happy to discover that Summer appears to be doing more than fine in the wake of their break-up, and his confidence takes a further knock when Rhys dismisses his boast about his recent 'achievements'. Could Rhys's advice prove the key to turning his luck around?


  • Thu 24 May

    Susan challenges her staff to be more proactive, unaware that Paul has planted a mole in her team.


  • Tue 22 May

    Convinced he's better off without her, Lucas is horrified when Kate interferes with his plans to wash his hands of Vanessa.

  • Mon 21 May

    Lucas responds to Vanessa's return by sabotaging her job opportunity, little realising the damage he's done.

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