Wednesday 27 June

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Returning home from their trip to Sydney, Jade’s more committed to Kyle than ever. But when she discovers Troy’s back and has asked her boyfriend to do some handyman work, she warns Kyle that everyone ought to keep their distance from their new neighbour. Kyle agrees, but Jade immediately goes against her own words, visiting Troy and demanding he leave. Troy refuses and, knowing how to push all of Jade’s buttons, suggests she should help him in his case for Callum. Retreating to Number 26, Jade continues to keep Kyle from the truth – which is that Troy is her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Tash is disgruntled when Vanessa’s baking makes Harold’s more popular than Charlie’s, and hatches a plan to get some of the cakes to sell at the bar. She successfully tugs at Vanessa’s heartstrings and gets her to help, only for her plan backfires when the chef realises she’s been manipulated.

Callum’s stunned when he realises Rani’s dad is representing Troy in his lawsuit for access, blasting her for her father’s betrayal. Rani vows to talk to her father and set things right, but has the damage to their friendship already been done?


  • Thu 28 Jun

    Lucas's journey towards accepting fatherhood is furthered when Vanessa goes for her first ultrasound.


  • Tue 26 Jun

    Toadie and Sonya are shocked to discover that Troy is suing them for access to Callum.

  • Mon 25 Jun

    Rani inadvertently puts Callum in harm’s way by encouraging him to pay Ramsay Street's new neighbour a visit.

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