Wednesday 30 January

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When Karl learns of Ajay’s marriage problems, he offers to cancel their Christmas performance at the community centre - but is relieved when, having taken Carmel's advice to go ahead, Rani’s surprise attendance lifts her dad's spirits despite his earlier run-in with Paul. After offering Carmel a lift home and seeing the cramped conditions at Susan’s place, Karl steps up and offers her his spare room. Carmel gladly accepts and, when she misreads Karl’s signals over dinner, decides it’s time for her to make a move. But how will Karl respond?

Chris struggles to hold back from giving Aidan support ahead of his disciplinary hearing. He’s later relieved to learn that his boyfriend’s job is safe, hoping things will return to normal between them, but as Aidan continues to offer him help but not accept it in return, Chris starts to worry their relationship is fundamentally unequal.

Sophie’s thrown when Rani pushes her away, quickly blaming Paul for ruining their friendship. But when Kate urges Sophie to consider things from another perspective, she pushes through Rani’s anger to offer her support.


  • Thu 31 Jan

    As Sonya goes into early labour, Vanessa faces giving birth alone as Lucas heads off to find Francesca.


  • Tue 29 Jan

    Determined to stay strong in the wake of Priya’s bombshell, Ajay’s mask soon slips when he runs into Paul.

  • Mon 28 Jan

    Ajay refuses to believe Rani's revelation about her mum, but for how long can Priya live with her guilt?

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