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  • Episode 7254

    Paige reveals her confusion over Tyler.

  • Episode 7255

    Piper calls time on her and Ben's plan to run away.

  • Episode 5967

    The rift widens between Andrew and Paul as the lad moves out, and Libby makes things very awkward for Steph and Toadie.

  • Episode 5966

    Ringo punches Andrew in the face for trying to seduce Donna, and Kate is torn between dancing and teaching.

  • Episode 5965

    Andrew does his best to sabotage Donna's wedding plans, while Kate has to choose between dancing and teaching.

  • Episode 5964

    Donna hopes her future lies with Ringo in foreign climes, while Dan rejects Steph's attempts to see him.

  • Episode 5963

    Steph has a big decision to make when she hears some worrying news about Dan, and Diana gets friendly with Rebecca.

  • Episode 5962

    Andrew's family and friends forget his birthday, while Diana tricks Paul into committing the ultimate betrayal.

  • Episode 5961

    Andrew tries to make amends for dishing the dirt on his dad, while Donna turns DJ and upsets Zeke.

  • Episode 5960

    Diana exploits Andrew to obtain confidential information on Paul's business empire.

  • Episode 5959

    Susan's stalker confesses, while Diana turns the screw on Declan.

  • Episode 5958

    Susan thinks she may have discovered her stalker, while Terry has an invitation for Lyn.

  • Episode 5957

    Zeke tries to help Susan deal with her tormentor, while Natasha reveals she's a secret swot.

  • Episode 5956

    Donna resorts to drastic measures to persuade Ringo about his career, while Susan's stalker fears worsen.

  • Episode 5955

    Susan's bully stalks her in a car, and Callum decides he wants to be a comedian.

  • Episode 5954

    Chris arranges to spend quality time with Summer in a hotel room, and Susan receives threatening emails from an anonymous bully.

  • Episode 5953

    Natasha tells Summer she has no future with Chris, and Paul decides to tap Toadie's phone.

  • Episode 5952

    Paul starts digging up dirt on Toadie, while Lyn takes the plunge and goes on a date with Terry.

  • Episode 5951

    India chokes on a marshmallow on her first birthday, and Declan gets a worrying message from Diana.

  • Episode 5950

    Declan turns to Toadie for help, and Natasha fears Andrew is only interested in the physical side of their relationship.

  • Episode 5949

    Donna and Ringo make their engagement official, and Susan's lecture makes Declan sit up and take notice.

  • Episode 5948

    Ringo asks Donna to marry him, and a furious Libby confronts Toadie about his kiss with Sonya.

  • Episode 5947

    On the day of his wedding, Toadie tries to convince Sonya to wait for him. Donna feels caught between Nick and Ringo on her first day out of the hospital.

  • Episode 5946

    Steph wonders whether she should marry Toadie now that Sonya knows the truth of their marriage. Michael tries to talk to Natasha sensibly about her relationship with Andrew.