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  • Episode 7297

    It's the day of Mark and Paige's wedding - will it go smoothly?

  • Episode 7298

    Paul convinces a disorientated Doug to invest in his motel.

  • Episode 7299

    Piper films Courtney and Tim in a compromising position.

  • Episode 7300

    Kyle receives birthday mail from people from his past.

  • Episode 7301

    Lyn thinks Steph is making a huge mistake going into business with Paul.

  • Episode 6010

    Rebecca feels the pressure of public scrutiny when the news breaks of Paul's affair.

  • Episode 6009

    Unnerved by Paul's continued comatose state, Rebecca refuses to leave the hospital.

  • Episode 6008

    Andrew focuses his renewed investigation on Diana.

  • Episode 6007

    Andrew is shocked when he discovers Paul's philandering past.

  • Episode 6006

    Suspecting Declan is behind Paul's attack, Andrew confronts him.

  • Episode 6005

    Toadie's stress levels go through the roof.

  • Episode 6004

    Andrew is harassed by the press.

  • Episode 6003

    Declan finds himself the prime suspect in Paul's wounding.

  • Episode 6002

    Diana's information prompts Detective Brennan to re-interview Rebecca.

  • Episode 6001

    Paul's life hangs in the balance.

  • Episode 6000

    Paul takes a tumble from the Lassiter's mezzanine - but did he fall or was he pushed?

  • Episode 5999

    Diana discovers Paul's defamatory article about her in the paper and confronts him.

  • Episode 5998

    Paul makes another enemy when he threatens to disinherit Andrew.

  • Episode 5997

    Donna reveals the secret to her fiancé on the morning of their wedding.

  • Episode 5996

    Paul reveals to Declan that he knows all about his attempted coup with Diana.

  • Episode 5995

    Chris struggles with the realities of his sexuality.

  • Episode 5994

    Michael is stunned to discover Libby has reported him to the school board.

  • Episode 5993

    Michael and Libby clash again over PirateNet.

  • Episode 5992

    Declan throws himself into organising Ringo's stag night.

  • Episode 5991

    Paul struggles to give power to Declan and is suspicious that Diana has not left.

  • Episode 5990

    Can Paul change his ways?