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  • Episode 7122

    Imogen is furious when she discovers that Josh might be the father of Amber's baby.

  • Episode 7123

    Josh is secretly pleased when he discovers that he could be the father of Amber's baby.

  • Episode 7124

    Paul puts his feelings aside and tells Brennan that he will help her get Naomi back.

  • Episode 7125

    Brad and Lauren stay up late reminiscing about their baby and accidentally fall asleep.

  • Episode 7126

    Jealous of Brennan's date, Paige asks Tyler out but he has his hands full.

  • Episode 7127

    As the paternity test looms, Amber feels the pressure from all sides and decides to escape.

  • Episode 6032

    Paul returns to work, determined to turn over a new leaf, but when Rebecca walks out on him, his health worsens.

  • Episode 6031

    The day of Ringo's funeral arrives. Donna is determined to focus on the positives, but a series of altercations between Zeke and Declan threaten to derail the proceedings.

  • Episode 6030

    Steph's depressive state continues to concern her family.

  • Episode 6029

    Natasha looks forward to school as an escape from Michael's love life.

  • Episode 6028

    After blaming Kate for Ringo's death, Donna again takes to her room.

  • Episode 6027

    Donna grieves for Ringo and is saddened when Steph confesses the full extent of her guilt.

  • Episode 6026

    The lives of two Ramsay Street favourites hang in the balance after the crash.

  • Episode 6025

    Steph is still missing, and Lyn, Lucas and Summer are frantic.

  • Episode 6024

    When Lyn turns up at Woody's house, she learns that Steph has done a runner.

  • Episode 6023

    Wanting to make sure that Steph is okay, Summer tracks her down at Woody's house.

  • Episode 6022

    Will the blackmailed Rebecca be able to keep quiet?

  • Episode 6021

    Kate demands answers about Paul's wounding and finally finds out what happened.

  • Episode 6020

    Paul convinces Andrew to take him back to the scene of the crime.

  • Episode 6019

    Convinced that Steph is suffering from postnatal depression, Lyn stages an intervention.

  • Episode 6018

    Desperate to feel like her old self, Steph tries to rebuild her life.

  • Episode 6017

    At an all-ages dance club, Natasha flirts with Andrew and Chris spots Summer's jealousy.

  • Episode 6016

    Andrew is relieved Paul is awake, and forces him to remember the night he was pushed.

  • Episode 6015

    Paul finally wakes from his coma.

  • Episode 6014

    Steph struggles to put her past behind her.

  • Episode 6013

    Declan tries to work out where the boundaries lie between him and Kate.

  • Episode 6012

    After being dumped by Kyle, Natasha attempts to salvage her reputation.

  • Episode 6011

    Andrew refuses to return to school until Paul wakes up.