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  • Episode 7256

    Steph concedes that she might be having a mental relapse.

  • Episode 7257

    Paul reveals he has been trying to drive Steph insane.

  • Episode 7258

    Amber and Josh bring Matilda home from the hospital.

  • Episode 7259

    Paul switches Steph's medication for psychotropic drugs.

  • Episode 7260

    Paul is charged off the road by a mysterious car.

  • Episode 6050

    The rift between Lyn, Karl and Susan deepens.

  • Episode 6049

    Lyn organises a blood donation drive to honour Ringo.

  • Episode 6048

    Michael discovers Paul and Rebecca's marriage is in trouble.

  • Episode 6047

    Toadie plans to use postnatal depression as part of Steph's defence strategy.

  • Episode 6046

    As the trial commences, Donna's anxiety grows.

  • Episode 6045

    Sam encourages Paul to persuade Donna to attend the trial.

  • Episode 6044

    Encouraged by Chris to be brave, Summer agrees to tell Andrew how she feels.

  • Episode 6043

    Michael finds himself increasingly in Rebecca's orbit.

  • Episode 6042

    Determined to undermine Toadie's case, Sam discovers a weakness in Libby's statement.

  • Episode 6041

    Paul joins Sam's campaign of provocation.

  • Episode 6040

    Sam's attack on Steph gets very personal. Toadie responds with the threat of legal action.

  • Episode 6039

    Natasha is determined to use the school social party to get closer to Andrew.

  • Episode 6038

    Karl and Susan urge Libby to not hold back on her testimony.

  • Episode 6037

    Libby is shocked to discover that Sam has returned to Erinsborough.

  • Episode 6036

    Sam Fitzgerald appears and reveals she is prosecuting the case against Steph.

  • Episode 6035

    Callum unwittingly confirms his crush on Sophie.

  • Episode 6034

    Despite losing her driving licence, Steph has to get back to work at the garage.

  • Episode 6033

    Karl and Susan find themselves torn apart by their different ways of grieving.