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  • Episode 6949

    Georgia alienates Kyle with her refusal to tell him about her biopsy.

  • Episode 6950

    Sheila and Paul's close confinement unexpectedly leads to the pair opening up emotionally.

  • Episode 6951

    Everyone has an opinion about whether Josh is making the right decision taking a job at Dingoes.

  • Episode 6952

    Chris's date with the new boy in town is interrupted by a drunken yob.

  • Episode 6953

    Imogen and Amber have a huge cat fight.

  • Episode 6954

    Josh is left in an embarrassing situation, after Naomi kicks him out.

  • Episode 6066

    Lyn struggles under financial difficulties.

  • Episode 6065

    Toadie's plans for a holiday come under threat when Sonya's sister Jade arrives in town.

  • Episode 6064

    Lyn sees Summer's collapse as the final proof that Steph's absence is destroying her family.

  • Episode 6063

    Burying her feelings for Andrew, Summer attends his party.

  • Episode 6062

    Kate recruits Donna to plan a romantic date.

  • Episode 6061

    Declan calls Paul's bluff.

  • Episode 6060

    Lyn is deeply troubled by Steph's refusal to see her.

  • Episode 6059

    The saga between Paul, Michael and Rebecca continues.

  • Episode 6058

    Tash makes plans for the stolen money.

  • Episode 6057

    Kate makes Declan jealous.

  • Episode 6056

    Toadie tries to make amends with Sonya.

  • Episode 6055

    Paul becomes suspicious of Rebecca's bleak mood.

  • Episode 6054

    An impromptu DVD night turns disastrous.

  • Episode 6053

    The biggest day of Steph's life is here.

  • Episode 6052

    There is fallout from the court verdict.

  • Episode 6051

    It is the final day of Steph's court case.