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  • Episode 7254

    Paige reveals her confusion over Tyler.

  • Episode 7255

    Piper calls time on her and Ben's plan to run away.

  • Episode 6086

    Sonya remains suspicious of Lucas's activities.

  • Episode 6085

    Lucas pays back the last of the money he owes Libby.

  • Episode 6084

    Sonya manages to defuse Toadie and Jade's argument.

  • Episode 6083

    Donna makes her final preparations to leave for New York.

  • Episode 6082

    Rebecca proceeds with her plan to seduce Paul.

  • Episode 6081

    Rebecca uses Lyn as a cover for a secret tryst with Michael.

  • Episode 6080

    Lucas finds himself at a loose end.

  • Episode 6079

    Summer reaches out to Tash.

  • Episode 6078

    Summer tries to deny her feelings for Andrew.

  • Episode 6077

    Sonya is determined to prevent Jade from blowing her secret.

  • Episode 6076

    Jade discovers that Sonya has been keeping a secret.

  • Episode 6075

    Rebecca and Michael draw closer.

  • Episode 6074

    Kate throws herself into a distraction.

  • Episode 6073

    Brennan is faced with a tough choice.

  • Episode 6072

    Andrew and Summer are reunited.

  • Episode 6071

    Four residents are trapped in a Ramsay Street inferno.

  • Episode 6070

    Summer suspects Andrew is about to declare his love for her.

  • Episode 6069

    Tash discovers that Andrew kissed Summer.

  • Episode 6068

    Kate finds herself at odds with Sophie.

  • Episode 6067

    Lyn tries to undo her mistakes.