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  • Episode 7121

    Paige and Tyler spend another night working in the garage stripping cars.

  • Episode 7122

    Imogen is furious when she discovers that Josh might be the father of Amber's baby.

  • Episode 7123

    Josh is secretly pleased when he discovers that he could be the father of Amber's baby.

  • Episode 7124

    Paul puts his feelings aside and tells Brennan that he will help her get Naomi back.

  • Episode 7125

    Brad and Lauren stay up late reminiscing about their baby and accidentally fall asleep.

  • Episode 6152

    Brennan does something out of character to take his mind off his job.

  • Episode 6151

    Callum gets his hands on Sonya's police file.

  • Episode 6150

    Callum has plans of his own for Sonya.

  • Episode 6149

    Can Lucas persuade Toadie that Sonya's love was genuine?

  • Episode 6148

    Kyle becomes the victim of an extortionist.

  • Episode 6147

    Tash and Chris try to play cupid.

  • Episode 6146

    Libby seconds Paul's nomination to the school board.

  • Episode 6145

    Paul enlists Libby's help at the school.

  • Episode 6144

    Kate spends the night watching movies with Kyle.

  • Episode 6143

    Brennan is determined to win back Kate's affections.

  • Episode 6142

    Toadie wrestles with his conscience.

  • Episode 6141

    Summer realises she still has feelings for Andrew.

  • Episode 6140

    Toadie struggles with letting Callum return to school.

  • Episode 6139

    Sonya struggles to keep Toadie's threat to herself.

  • Episode 6138

    Callum is home from hospital and desperate for answers for Sonya.

  • Episode 6137

    The police raid the party.

  • Episode 6136

    Susan invites Toadie over for dinner and Tash sneaks into the party.

  • Episode 6135

    Andrew throws a party.

  • Episode 6134

    Sonya leaves her house.

  • Episode 6133

    Will Libby's new philosophy on life be able to bring her family and friends back together?

  • Episode 6132

    Callum is rushed to hospital.

  • Episode 6131

    Callum is determined to remember his mother.