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  • Episode 7256

    Steph concedes that she might be having a mental relapse.

  • Episode 7257

    Paul reveals he has been trying to drive Steph insane.

  • Episode 7258

    Amber and Josh bring Matilda home from the hospital.

  • Episode 7259

    Paul switches Steph's medication for psychotropic drugs.

  • Episode 7260

    Paul is charged off the road by a mysterious car.

  • Episode 6283

    Susan inspires Summer to hold a sit-in, and Michael has a stark warning for Lucas.

  • Episode 6282

    Tash shuts herself off from Michael, and Susan makes a plea to the council in a bid to help Summer.

  • Episode 6281

    Tash's relationship with Michael reaches breaking point after she discovers the cause of her mum's death.

  • Episode 6280

    Disappointed not to hear back from Emilia on her 18th birthday, Tash tries to get into the party spirit for the sake of Michael and Chris.

  • Episode 6279

    Jade is torn between her flirtation with Mal and the prospect of a relationship with Kyle.

  • Episode 6278

    As Kate struggles to reconnect with her friends, Malcolm spots an opportunity to help take his mind off Catherine.

  • Episode 6277

    Summer pays a high price for her decision, and Jade unwittingly finds a way to help Mal.

  • Episode 6276

    As Toadie warns her off the council story, will Summer risk continuing her investigation?

  • Episode 6275

    Having been unsuccessful in his search for her, Michael is shocked when he returns home to find Emilia on Ramsay Street.

  • Episode 6274

    Michael reaches out to Tash, but has he left it too late?

  • Episode 6273

    Dane finds a way to stop the shopping centre development, but will he alert Summer when he's told the rumour may be false?

  • Episode 6272

    Noah is persistent when Kate tries to end his infatuation.

  • Episode 6271

    A shell-shocked Kate finds support from an unlikely source, who drives her to do something impulsive.

  • Episode 6270

    As it becomes clear that some secrets are too much for Callum, Toadie decides to lighten the load - but is he about to tear Kate's world apart in the process?

  • Episode 6269

    Fighting her feelings for Kyle, Jade finds herself out of her depth when she turns her attentions to Malcolm.

  • Episode 6268

    Andrew questions Kate's judgment as she takes Noah into her confidence over her relationship with Brennan.

  • Episode 6267

    Tash searches for Helena's medical records at the hospital, where an unexpected discovery forces her to rethink her plans.

  • Episode 6266

    As Michael struggles under the burden of his secret, Tash’s hunger for details about her mother leads to an intriguing realisation.

  • Episode 6265

    Malcolm agrees to stay in Erinsborough to support Karl through his break-up - but, with sparks flying between him and Jade, will this put him in temptation’s way?

  • Episode 6264

    Lucas discovers the reason why George is so hard on Chris.

  • Episode 6263

    Afraid of getting hurt, Jade turns down Kyle, but can they really go back to being just good friends?

  • Episode 6262

    Susan and Karl struggle with the change in their relationship.