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  • Episode 6295

    Emilia answers Tash's call to help nurse Michael, but can she be trusted to keep his secret safe?

  • Episode 6294

    Will Mal be able to resist Jade's lure, and will Karl choose to keep his son's secret?

  • Episode 6293

    After his night out with Dane, Rhys wakes to find he has an interview for the surgery programme that morning.

  • Episode 6292

    Still unsure of the cause of Noah's conflict with Kate, Sophie resorts to stealing his notebook.

  • Episode 6291

    Sophie witnesses the fallout of a heated encounter between Kate and Noah, but just how much has she seen?

  • Episode 6290

    As Tash blames herself for Michael's condition, Summer grapples with the truth about their confrontation.

  • Episode 6289

    Summer's decision to cheat in her exam leads to a devastating confrontation with Michael.

  • Episode 6288

    With part of her journalism folio deleted, Summer takes drastic steps to improve her grades.

  • Episode 6287

    Kate and Summer's careers both hang on Andrew's decision over the time-lapse footage.

  • Episode 6286

    As Kate worries Noah will tell Sophie their secret, Andrew makes a discovery of his own.

  • Episode 6285

    Can Kate clear things up with Noah after discovering the truth about the present?

  • Episode 6284

    Susan urges Summer to abandon the PirateNet sit-in as her English exam approaches.