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  • Episodes 7101

    Paige is shocked when Amber drops a huge a bombshell, which could end her relationship with Daniel.

  • Episodes 7102

    Are Naomi and Paul getting too close?

  • Episodes 7103

    Imogen lets her guard down around Tyler.

  • Episode 7104

    Georgia is arrested when Nick finds her in his room.

  • Episode 7105

    Amber is unsure if she should tell Daniel she is pregnant.

  • Episode 6307

    Realising he still has feelings for Jade, Kyle races the clock to find her before she leaves town.

  • Episode 6306

    Chris is forced to stand up to Warren, but will his decision come at a price?

  • Episode 6305

    As Jade struggles to tell him how she feels, Kyle makes a discovery that threatens to change everything.

  • Episode 6304

    Lucas jumps to Chris's defence when he's forced to deal with homophobic Warren.

  • Episode 6303

    Having returned home to the fallout from Noah's revelations, Kyle is stunned to discover the full story behind Kate’s behaviour.

  • Episode 6302

    As Kate makes a life-changing decision, Paul delivers a desperate appeal to Priya on her behalf.

  • Episode 6301

    Determined Paul puts together his case to fight for Kate’s career - but will he choose to respect her wishes?

  • Episode 6300

    Sophie struggles to know where to turn, and Susan is confronted with an ugly truth.

  • Episode 6299

    Wrestling with her conscience, Summer prepares to admit the truth to Andrew.

  • Episode 6298

    When Priya confronts her with Sophie’s claims, Kate desperately fights to save her career.

  • Episode 6297

    Sophie brings Noah's behaviour to the attention of the new headmistress, but at what cost to Kate?

  • Episode 6296

    As things heat up between Lucas and Emilia, Kate's world is turned upside down by Noah's very public accusation.