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  • Episodes 7081

    Tensions are running high between Matt and Lauren as Matt attempts to make up for what he’s done.

  • Episode 7082

    Paul tries to sway Daniel by getting Des Clarke to regale him with the story of his failed wedding.

  • Episode 7083

    It's Amber and Daniel's wedding day but will everything go to plan?

  • Episode 7084

    Will Daniel and Imogen be rescued from the well?

  • Episode 7085

    Amber seeks comfort in an old flame.

  • Episode 6328

    Defying Priya's new order, Michael resorts to his unique teaching approach - but will he live to regret it?

  • Episode 6327

    Andrew attempts to persuade Sophie not to dump Corey until he has signed his brother's band.

  • Episode 6326

    With a place on the surgical program at stake, Rhys reveals to Karl why he's so desperate to succeed.

  • Episode 6325

    Rhys plays dirty when Erin ends their relationship, while Chris worries he may have missed his chance with Aidan.

  • Episode 6324

    Chris worries he's ruined his chances with Aidan after an incident at the Australia Day barbecue.

  • Episode 6323

    With a potential relationship in the wings, will Chris risk his father's disapproval?

  • Episode 6322

    Tempers flare between the Ramsay sisters when Kate alerts Paul to Sophie and Corey's relationship.

  • Episode 6321

    Following her first date with Rhys, Erin gets an official warning for being late for work.

  • Episode 6320

    Determined to win Emilia back, Lucas goes to extremes to prove to her how open-minded he can be.

  • Episode 6319

    Toadie plays hardball when his firm tries to dismiss him, and Lucas is shocked by Emilia's double life.

  • Episode 6318

    After taking a gamble to help his cause, Toadie finds himself with another fight on his hands.

  • Episode 6317

    Lucas turns detective in order to unmask Chris's attacker, but will it get Toadie off the hook?

  • Episode 6316

    Sophie resorts to blackmail for a place at the all-ages gig. Can she be trusted to toe the line?

  • Episode 6315

    Michael does his best to hide his feelings for Emilia, and Jade is forced to face her worst nightmare.

  • Episode 6314

    As Rhys launches a devious plan to get ahead, Michael's feelings threaten to come between Emilia and Lucas.

  • Episode 6313

    Kyle is puzzled when Jade refuses to commit, and Susan turns to Paul in a bid to help clear Toadie's name.

  • Episode 6312

    Summer gets caught in the middle of the Kennedys' problems, and Chris surprises his friends with some embarrassing revelations.

  • Episode 6311

    As the police call on Toadie to help with their inquiry, Rhys finds Chris's life in his hands.

  • Episode 6310

    As Lucas tracks down the likely culprit behind Chris's attack, will his suspicion prove to be correct?

  • Episode 6309

    Karl and Susan are drawn into reminiscing about old times, but can it change their plans for the future?

  • Episode 6308

    Lucas wakes up to his feelings for Emilia, and Tash asks Michael to help her say a final farewell to her mum.