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  • Episode 7254

    Paige reveals her confusion over Tyler.

  • Episode 7255

    Piper calls time on her and Ben's plan to run away.

  • Episode 6371

    Andrew and Summer's relationship reaches breaking point, and Paul finds himself on his own when Susan sides with Ajay.

  • Episode 6370

    Summer is shocked to learn of Andrew's reluctance to involve her in his work. Are they finally drifting apart?

  • Episode 6369

    Sonya's frustrated when Toadie's given extra cases at work. Will he admit that it was at his request?

  • Episode 6368

    As Jade begins to doubt that she's deserving of Kyle, Rhys exploits her fears by making his move.

  • Episode 6367

    As Tash continues to reject the idea of reconciliation, Michael reconsiders his future on Ramsay Street.

  • Episode 6366

    With Lucas named the main suspect in torching Michael's car, will Tash do the right thing and come clean?

  • Episode 6365

    Bearing the brunt of Jessica's relationship problems, Rhys takes his frustrations out on Jade.

  • Episode 6364

    Karl leans on Susan for support when he's asked to pay tribute at a friend's funeral.

  • Episode 6363

    After sharing their problems with his boss, how will Toadie manage to earn back Sonya's trust?

  • Episode 6362

    After Emilia and Michael explain the events that took place around her mother's death, Tash lashes out in a very public way.

  • Episode 6361

    With the cracks in Andrew and Summer's relationship beginning to show, Chris tries to make peace between them

  • Episode 6360

    When Andrew asks for a favour on her first day in a new job, Summer goes out on a limb to help - but at what cost?

  • Episode 6359

    Andrew turns to Kate to fund his new ventures - but, having duped Paul, will he live to regret it?

  • Episode 6358

    Lucas attempts to provoke Emilia's jealousy, and Summer defies Paul in a bid to secure her dream job.

  • Episode 6357

    Lashing out over his best friend's betrayal, Lucas's destructive behaviour sparks Chris's concern.

  • Episode 6356

    Lucas's hopes of a reunion with Emilia are crushed when he drops by uninvited to see Michael.

  • Episode 6355

    When Jade unwittingly stings him, Rhys becomes determined to teach her a lesson.

  • Episode 6354

    As Susan sets up home in a new flat, the reality of her isolation is harder to take than she thought.

  • Episode 6353

    Meeting Jessica for a date, Karl looks towards the future. But where will this budding romance lead?

  • Episode 6352

    After a near miss, Emilia and Michael realise they cannot keep their trysts a secret any longer.

  • Episode 6351

    Realising she'll have to be sneaky to snare Kyle, Kate recruits an unsuspecting Rhys to help with her plan.