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  • Episode 7254

    Paige reveals her confusion over Tyler.

  • Episode 7255

    Piper calls time on her and Ben's plan to run away.

  • Episode 6394

    Kyle receives a surprise visit from gran Sheila, but will she approve of his choice of girlfriend?

  • Episode 6393

    Confronted by Rhys's disapproval, Lucas is finally guilted into reaching out to Vanessa.

  • Episode 6392

    Nursing his wounded pride, Andrew conceals his true feelings for Summer by rejecting her apology.

  • Episode 6391

    Struggling with her awkwardness around Andrew, Summer unexpectedly finds herself drawn to Griffin.

  • Episode 6390

    As Susan battles the return of her MS symptoms, which will be first to give: her job or her health?

  • Episode 6389

    Susan challenges her staff to be more proactive, unaware that Paul has planted a mole in her team.

  • Episode 6388

    Kate's bid to get to the bottom of Kyle's debt leads her to Lou's door. Will he own up to his deceit?

  • Episode 6387

    Convinced he's better off without her, Lucas is horrified when Kate interferes with his plans to wash his hands of Vanessa.

  • Episode 6386

    Lucas responds to Vanessa's return by sabotaging her job opportunity, little realising the damage he's done.

  • Episode 6385

    Toadie and Sonya seek a distraction from their baby woes, and Tash ropes Chris and Aidan into her fight against eviction.

  • Episode 6384

    Realising she's in danger of losing her home, Tash plays dirty in a bid to score a job at Charlie's.

  • Episode 6383

    As their problems begin to take their toll, can Toadie persuade Sonya to reconsider her decision to give up on their family plans?

  • Episode 6382

    Struggling to process Vanessa’s revelation, Lucas desperately seeks a way out - but will he regret pushing her away?

  • Episode 6381

    Lucas embraces the single life, little prepared for a surprise reunion with a blast from the past.

  • Episode 6380

    With his role in jeopardising Tash’s party now public, Paul makes Summer the target of his revenge.

  • Episode 6379

    Summer urges Susan to come out with the truth about Paul, but is the Ramsay Street rogue prepared for the consequences?

  • Episode 6378

    Under pressure to go public with the truth, Paul puts Summer's career in Susan's hands.

  • Episode 6377

    Privately knowing he’s at fault, Paul openly blames Ajay for the delayed police response time at Tash’s party.

  • Episode 6376

    Andrew pleads for Summer to give their relationship a second chance, but can she forgive his betrayal?

  • Episode 6375

    As Summer struggles without Andrew, Karl encourages her to end their break - but has she left it too late?

  • Episode 6374

    Rhys struggles to make amends with Jade, and Andrew fears it's the beginning of the end for him and Summer.

  • Episode 6373

    Sonya inadvertently puts Jade and Kyle on a collision course with Rhys and his mother.

  • Episode 6372

    Summer and Andrew seek a distraction from their relationship drama, while Toadie discovers that Sonya is wise to his secret.