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  • Episode 7296

    Toadie insists that there cannot be any contact between Charlie and Steph.

  • Episode 7297

    It's the day of Mark and Paige's wedding - will it go smoothly?

  • Episode 7298

    Paul convinces a disorientated Doug to invest in his motel.

  • Episode 7299

    Piper films Courtney and Tim in a compromising position.

  • Episode 7300

    Kyle receives birthday mail from people from his past.

  • Episode 6415

    Realising that his presence is ruining Vanessa's special moment, Rhys steps aside and finds a replacement doctor to perform her ultrasound.

  • Episode 6414

    Lucas's journey towards accepting fatherhood is furthered when Vanessa goes for her first ultrasound.

  • Episode 6413

    Jade arrives home to news of Troy's return, but for how long can she keep Kyle in the dark about their past?

  • Episode 6412

    Toadie and Sonya are shocked to discover that Troy is suing them for access to Callum.

  • Episode 6411

    Rani inadvertently puts Callum in harm’s way by encouraging him to pay Ramsay Street's new neighbour a visit.

  • Episode 6410

    As Summer continues to invest in Griffin, Andrew’s knocked for six when he catches him with another girl.

  • Episode 6409

    Kate nervously prepares for her date with Kyle - but could Jade be about to scupper her plans?

  • Episode 6408

    Rhys decides not to give up on charming Vanessa, opening up a little in the hope of winning her over.

  • Episode 6407

    Vanessa worries she's set herself up for a fall when Rhys is pushed into revealing his true colours.

  • Episode 6406

    As the bachelor auction gets underway, Kate's torn between following her heart and loyalty to her best friend.

  • Episode 6405

    As Ramsay Street gears up for its charity bachelor auction, will Kate be tempted to make a play for Kyle?

  • Episode 6404

    Suspecting that Callum and Rani's relationship isn't genuine, Sophie sets out to test her theory with a game of truth or date.

  • Episode 6403

    Chris finally finds the courage to be open about his relationship, but will it to be too little too late for Aidan?

  • Episode 6402

    Worried about his dad's reaction, Chris lies to Aidan to keep him away from a family get-together.

  • Episode 6401

    Andrew pulls Red Cotton's next gig in favour of Karl's band, inadvertently driving a wedge between him and Summer.

  • Episode 6400

    Susan is thrown by the offer of a date, and Lucas becomes suspicious of Rhys's interest in Vanessa.

  • Episode 6399

    As Rhys's fascination with Vanessa deepens, Lou's inadvertently given an idea of how to repay Kyle.

  • Episode 6398

    Kate's thrown when Sheila tells her she's the one for Kyle, but will she succeed in her matchmaking?

  • Episode 6397

    Sonya and Toadie struggle to keep their news secret, and Tash earns support from an unlikely source.

  • Episode 6396

    A routine trip to the hospital results in some unexpected news for Toadie and Sonya.

  • Episode 6395

    Chris instinctively lies about his relationship when quizzed by his dad, but at what cost?