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  • Episode 7298

    Paul convinces a disorientated Doug to invest in his motel.

  • Episode 7299

    Piper films Courtney and Tim in a compromising position.

  • Episode 7300

    Kyle receives birthday mail from people from his past.

  • Episode 7301

    Lyn thinks Steph is making a huge mistake going into business with Paul.

  • Episode 6437

    As Toadie and Sonya race to get to Callum, Troy's attempt to flee the police has disastrous consequences.

  • Episode 6436

    Troy shows up to see Callum at school, where it becomes clear he doesn't intend to leave town alone.

  • Episode 6435

    Andrew makes a touching personal toast to Summer, prompting her to follow her feelings once and for all.

  • Episode 6434

    Realising Andrew needs help with his money-making idea, Tash connects with Ed over an unusual hobby.

  • Episode 6433

    Feeling guilty over relaying Troy's accusations, Rhys is thrown when Vanessa sides with Jade.

  • Episode 6432

    Jade is terrified that Troy is plotting revenge, but the discovery that he's in hospital brings other fears.

  • Episode 6431

    Jade learns that Troy has betrayed Callum and is determined to do whatever it takes to punish him.

  • Episode 6430

    As Sonya learns of Callum's deal with Troy, Jade grows aware of the power her ex still holds over her.

  • Episode 6429

    When Jade sees Kate getting close to Troy, she warns her against him and reveals their abusive past.

  • Episode 6428

    Vanessa's forced to rethink her plans with Rhys when she realises Lucas may need her support.

  • Episode 6427

    Convinced that Callum’s committed to seeing Troy, Sonya steels herself to break the news to Toadie.

  • Episode 6426

    Callum starts to secretly visit Troy, on the condition that he'll drop the case against Sonya and Toadie.

  • Episode 6425

    Zoe proposes a way for Paul to improve his image, but can he swallow his pride to see it through?

  • Episode 6424

    Callum proves to Troy he's ready to do anything to protect his family, but will his plan pay off?

  • Episode 6423

    Toadie leads his family into a mediation session, hoping Jade’s testimony against Troy will win their case.

  • Episode 6422

    Guilt-ridden over their kiss, Kyle immediately shuts Kate down and resolves to tell Jade the truth.

  • Episode 6421

    Kyle urges Kate to pretend they're a couple in order to win him some much-needed business.

  • Episode 6420

    Invited to join a university maths club, Tash's fears of acceptance threaten her chance of doing something she loves.

  • Episode 6419

    News of Paul's relationship with Zoe fails to impress Andrew, while Jade struggles to share her past with Kyle.

  • Episode 6418

    Realising the only chance of stopping Troy lies in her hands, Jade finally tells Sonya her long-held secret.

  • Episode 6417

    As Toadie and Troy come to blows, the stress of the custody battle takes its toll on Sonya and the baby.

  • Episode 6416

    Realising that Kyle's relationship with Jade has suffered a setback, Kate sees an opportunity to tell him how she feels.