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  • Episode 7296

    Toadie insists that there cannot be any contact between Charlie and Steph.

  • Episode 7297

    It's the day of Mark and Paige's wedding - will it go smoothly?

  • Episode 7298

    Paul convinces a disorientated Doug to invest in his motel.

  • Episode 7299

    Piper films Courtney and Tim in a compromising position.

  • Episode 7300

    Kyle receives birthday mail from people from his past.

  • Episode 6460

    After being asked out on a date by another man, Jade inadvertently reveals her true feelings to Kyle.

  • Episode 6459

    Tash refuses to sanction the sale of the app, but what will Andrew do when the offer is doubled?

  • Episode 6458

    With Sonya's heart set on a home birth, Toadie struggles with her choice of labour coach.

  • Episode 6457

    Having failed to convince Vanessa to move in with him, Lucas turns to Rhys for help.

  • Episode 6456

    After buying a house for them both, Lucas is bewildered when Vanessa refuses to move in with him.

  • Episode 6455

    Paul's plan to take the editor's position is on course, but is Zoe getting too close for comfort?

  • Episode 6454

    Tash fears she's blown her friendship with Ed for good when she agrees to Andrew's plan to sell their app without him.

  • Episode 6453

    Ed comes to the rescue when Andrew's app fails to launch, which very nearly leads to a passionate clinch with Tash.

  • Episode 6452

    Priya tries to convince herself the house buy is a positive change, but is her heart really in it?

  • Episode 6451

    Jade's resolve to keep her distance from Kyle is tested by news from Rhys. Will she have a change of heart?

  • Episode 6450

    Kyle's plan to win back Jade backfires, forcing Sheila to own up to her role in their break-up.

  • Episode 6449

    Kyle raises his hopes of being reconciled with Jade, only to discover that he's misread her feelings.

  • Episode 6448

    Chris readies himself for Summer's reaction to his article, but frustrations boil over when he realises she has not even read it.

  • Episode 6447

    Sonya and Toadie find themselves with an unexpected dilemma on the day of the ultrasound scan.

  • Episode 6446

    After suggesting to Vanessa that they set up home together, Lucas realises she has her own plans – but do they include him?

  • Episode 6445

    After being busted by Karl at the hospital, Vanessa is disappointed when Rhys refuses to help Kyle.

  • Episode 6444

    Vanessa and Rhys find themselves in a very compromising position after meeting up at the hospital.

  • Episode 6443

    Lucas takes stock after his chaotic love life becomes tabloid fodder, vowing to concentrate on becoming a responsible father.

  • Episode 6442

    Summer's hopes of a reconciliation with Andrew lead to some confusion when she mistakenly thinks that a bunch of flowers she receives are from him.

  • Episode 6441

    As Troy's funeral prompts Jade and Sonya to count their blessings, Kate blows Jade's world apart by revealing Kyle's betrayal.

  • Episode 6440

    Kyle warns Kate that he's going to tell Jade the truth about the kiss. Is he about to lose everything?

  • Episode 6439

    When Paul pushes her to print an article about Troy, Susan is torn between her duties as a friend and those as an editor.

  • Episode 6438

    Concerned about Callum's handling of recent events, Toadie arranges for the family to talk to a grief counsellor.