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  • Episode 7254

    Paige reveals her confusion over Tyler.

  • Episode 7255

    Piper calls time on her and Ben's plan to run away.

  • Episode 6744

    Bailey tries to apologise to Callum, but is there anything left of their friendship to salvage?

  • Episode 6743

    Chris is shocked to learn about his sleepwalking misadventure, and Sheila is left shaken after an encounter with a stranger.

  • Episode 6742

    Terese battles to remain calm and clear as she challenges Josh on his decision to drop out of Year 11.

  • Episode 6741

    Family tensions escalate over Amber and Josh's relationship.

  • Episode 6740

    Josie decides to diet in an effort to attract Callum.

  • Episode 6739

    Chris starts to sleepwalk and is found by Kyle and Sheila.

  • Episode 6738

    Chris asks Karl to prescribe him sleeping tablets.

  • Episode 6737

    Lucas and Vanessa say goodbye to their friends.

  • Episode 6736

    Lucas and Vanessa consider moving to Daylesford.

  • Episode 6735

    Disappointed with Mason and angry when Amber breaks the Josh ban, Matt washes his hands of his kids.

  • Episode 6734

    In the aftermath of the confession, Willis and Turner families struggle to deal with their kids dishonesty.

  • Episode 6733

    As all the suspects of the hit-and-run gather for Lucas and Vanessa's wedding, a picture of what happened that night is gradually revealed in flashback.

  • Episode 6732

    It’s Vanessa and Lucas’s big day, and among the guests Matt and Ellen realise they may have found Robbo's killer.

  • Episode 6731

    After learning Terese reported Marty's hotel stay to the police, Paul worries he'll be implicated in the hit-and-run.

  • Episode 6730

    Terese finds a link between Paul and Marty, and Amber begins to doubt Josh's innocence.

  • Episode 6729

    Realising that anyone who knew about Amber's film had motive to kill Robbo, Ellen brings them all in for questioning.

  • Episode 6728

    Lucas begins to have second thoughts about Alek's deal. Will he let his pride get in the way?

  • Episode 6727

    As Lucas tries to make amends for his behaviour, he walks in on Vanessa being offered an opportunity by the stranger, Alek.

  • Episode 6726

    Amber is horrified to find bruises on Josh's body - and even more so to realise how he got them.

  • Episode 6725

    Sheila unwittingly tips Lou off to Jack's treasure hunt, and a competition sparks between them.

  • Episode 6724

    Mason shocks Kate by suggesting that they try for a baby.

  • Episode 6723

    Terese finds evidence of Imogen's bulimia and promises to help her overcome it.

  • Episode 6722

    As the police investigate his side of the story, Lucas goes home to face the music with Vanessa.