Chris on Kyle's love life

Christopher Milligan reveals what's in store for Neighbours' Kyle Canning, including trouble with Brennan, making a move on Kate and possible romance.

Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning in Neighbours

Christopher Milligan has been playing cheeky chappy Kyle Canning in Neighbours since 2008 but, as he wasn't a resident of Ramsay Street, would only pop up in the soap occasionally.

So fans were understandably thrilled when this year it was announced that Kyle had been made a full-time character and would be getting plenty of storylines.

Christopher reveals how he finds working on the show, and what he hopes is in store for Kyle.

How did you feel about being promoted to a regular cast member on Neighbours?

Ecstatic. I had been a guest character for nearly three years, so it's great from the perspective that Kyle is established and now we can evolve the character. I'm very excited.

What can you tell us about what's ahead for Kyle?

A lot of what is coming up is how he feels about Kate and how far to push things. He has issues with Brennan; however, strangely enough, they end up working together on something and become mates, sort of, and there are ongoing issues with Lou (Tom), which is really funny.

Are we going to see some romance for Kyle?

I hope so! There are a few things planned and a lot revolves around Kate, but there is a surprise coming up, so stay tuned.

Who do you think is the right woman for Kyle?

That's a hard one. He and Kate would make a nice couple, but I think he needs someone who is going to challenge him. Again keeping watching!

How embarrassing was it to do the mooning scene?

A bit strange walking around in my jocks for half the day, but after a while, no one really took much notice.

Some big names are soon to leave Neighbours - Janet Andrewartha and Scott McGregor who play Lyn and Brennan. How do you feel about that?

Oh, it's always a bit sad when someone leaves, and Janet and Scott were great to work with, but when that happens, it usually means someone new is starting. I guess when a show has been around for the number of years Neighbours has, people are going to leave eventually.

Who was it hardest to say goodbye to?

Scott (McGregor) was great because we did a lot of scenes together, and he is a really funny guy. But the good thing is it's just goodbye from work, we'll see each other socially.

With whom on the show do you get on best?

No one person in particular; everyone is great to work with. Jordan (Smith), Val (Novakovic), Gemma (Pranita) and Jordy (Lucas) are close friends outside of work, so it's always fun to work with them; however, the older cast members like Jackie (Woodburne), Stefan (Dennis) and Alan (Fletcher) are terrific mentors, and very generous with their time and support.

What's been your funniest moment on set?

Probably the mooning scene.

Have you had any scenes with Ian Smith, who plays Harold Bishop?

Yes, I was lucky enough to work with Ian, something I'll remember for a long time.