Eve: Sonya and Toadie's relationship is strong

Eve Morey tells us her thoughts on her recent award nomination, how it felt to work with a Neighbours legend, and why the future's bright for Sonya and Toadie.

Eve: Sonya and Toadie's relationship is strong

Eve Morey made her Neighbours debut in 2009 as mild-mannered guide dog trainer Sonya Mitchell, and in the two years since has seen her alter ego find love with local lawman Toadie (played by Ryan Moloney), adapt to having sister Jade back in her life and, in a shocking twist, reveal her identity as Callum's biological mum.

Now, having faced up to her past and seen off ex-boyfriend (and Cal's father) Captain Troy Miller (Dieter Brummer), Sonya has salvaged her relationship with Toadie and is set for a new chapter on Ramsay Street - as Eve reveals in our exclusive interview.

What have you found most challenging about the Callum storyline?

Probably finding a year and a half into the show that was the reality of the situation and start playing real anxiety that you have been lying all this time, and making it believable. Prior to that we had no hint this was the situation and making the transition smooth, was a challenge.

How will life change for Sonya now that she’s back together with Toadie?

A lot more stable and life will be fun again for these two.  The thing about these characters is they are playful and [it's] nice to see them like this again.

So they'll get to a chance to enjoy more lighter moments?

Oh yes, definitely, lots of fun time ahead.

Will Sonya get a chance to realise her potential as a mother to Callum?

Oh yes, and the good thing is it happens at a pace which is perfect. It isn’t suddenly, ‘Okay, now I’m your mother’ and make up for lost time; there has to be a trust that is earned.

Sonya and Toadie hit a bump in the road when it comes to their views on marriage. How do they differ and why?

At this point Sonya wants to get married for the wrong reasons and Toadie doesn’t want to get married for the wrong reasons.  They haven’t both independently reached a healthy perspective on it. She wants to do it for security to protect Callum and he doesn’t want to do it, get married, because he feels it will jinx it because his other marriages have gone that way.

Do you think that either one of them is willing to compromise?

I know Sonya is because she is willing to stay with him even though he doesn’t want to get married.

What do you hope the future holds for Sonya and Toadie?

They have both been growing as individuals, so it would be nice to see them grow as a couple. When they have a solid and stable foundation.

Will there be any other obstacles along the couple’s path to happiness?

What’s nice at the moment and in the not too distant future is that any problems they have are external to the relationship.  The relationship is strong so any hiccups can be resolved.

Do you think Sonya will ever truly be able to escape her past?

I don’t think she will every truly escape her past because ultimately I don’t think she should. If she doesn’t have it there as a reminder and a good motivator to help her stay on track.

Have we seen the last of Troy, and would you like to see him return?

For now we have, and I haven’t heard he will be returning, but you never say never on Neighbours.

What did you most enjoy about working with Dieter Brummer?

He was just so much fun and very gentle, just lovely to work with.

You’ve also been able to work closely with Ian Smith. What was that like?

It was beyond anything I expected. I had watched his work and the character for a long time, and he is so much larger than life. There is so much truth in his performance, and to actually meet Ian who has as big a heart as Harold but is so different as a person. I enjoyed watching his choices.

What have been the highlights of your time on Neighbours to date?

Definitely the people. I’ve met people here that I know have changed the course of my life in a really positive way.

How do you think the character of Sonya has changed?

She has become a lot more self-assured and she has learnt to trust herself again. I think when we first met her, she was quite closed off and didn’t want to let anyone in fear of hurting them.

What teasers can you share about upcoming storylines?

Sonya and Toadie are at a point in the their relationship where they have to make some really big decisions, and this will change the direction they move in… Sorry, that’s all I can say!

Will viewers get to see more of the relationship between Sonya and Jade as sisters?

Definitely, and what is nice that for most part of Gemma (plays Jade) coming into the show is that the character of Jade has had to support Sonya during these big storylines or life moments. Now we are seeing more of Jade not only as a support character but a bigger character who is really coming into herself, and Sonya can help her.

Finally, how does it feel to have been nominated as a contender for Best Daytime Star in the 2011 Inside Soap Awards?

It is so exciting. Here I am in Nunawading in Melbourne doing my thing, and on the other side of the world all this is going [on]. It is incredibly flattering and my mum is so pleased. 

What would it mean to you to win?

It would mean that the character ultimately speaks to people and they relate to her, and that I guess is my job.  You want Sonya to be someone they connect with.  The nomination is a enough to know that is what has happening and I’m thrilled with that.