John Wood on being the new Dr

John Wood is joining Neighbours as surgeon Dr Martin Chambers and reveals he is set to clash with Ramsay Street's resident doctor Karl Kennedy.

John Wood on being the new Dr

Gold Logie award-winner John Wood is known for playing a cop in Australian shows Blue Heelers and Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities, but the 64-year-old actor will soon be joining Neighbours for six months as new doctor Martin Chambers.

John reveals how he's finding playing a medical man and what's in store for Dr Chambers in Erinsborough.

How did you feel about joining Neighbours?

I wasn't expecting it, so it's been a pleasant surprise. I'm doing a play with Marcella Russo at the moment who was in Neighbours, and she was full of praise for the show and the way things are done.

What were the other cast members like when you were settling in?

Still early days as I haven't started filming yet; however, I'm sure it will be fine. I already know quite a few of the cast.

Can you tell us what kind of man Dr Martin Chambers is like?

He is pretty intimidating, particularly to the younger doctors. Very focused, has strong opinions and isn't easily swayed.

Does he get on with Karl and Rhys?

Initially they do, but that doesn't last long and that's where the story becomes interesting.

How much can you tell us about the storyline that Martin gets involved in?

Rhys has an agenda which involves my character. Karl Kennedy also gets involved, and he and Chambers don't see eye to eye on some issues mainly involving Rhys so plenty of conflict.

You've played a cop for many years - what's it like playing a doctor?

Playing is the key word. I'm not good with blood and other people's health problems, but I'm sure I can act my way around it.

How tricky is it to learn the medical jargon?

I'm sure there will be some challenging pronunciations, but that's what rehearsals are for.

How did you find working on a soap?

Just like any series, there is a formula and you work to it.

Do you have a favourite Neighbours character and why?

To be honest, I've never watched a lot of Neighbours, but that's not an indictment on the show because I never watched Blue Heelers.