Sandy: Michael is lonely

Sandy Winton reveals how Michael Williams is coping with Rebecca leaving Ramsay Street and trying to look after wayward daughter Natasha.

Sandy: Michael is lonely

Michael Williams is having a tough old time in Neighbours. He found love with Rebecca Robinson, only for Paul to blackmail her into marrying him instead. Now Rebecca has left Ramsay Street forever to escape Paul, but Michael had to stay behind to look after teenage daughter Natasha, whom he's recently discovered has been lying about her pregnancy.

Sandy Winton, who plays Michael, admits he misses Jane Hall almost as much as Michael misses Rebecca, and he hopes his character gets a break soon.

How is Michael coping with Rebecca leaving?

He is pretty devastated, lonely and trying to find his way again. He thought he had found the one.

Was it hard saying goodbye to Jane Hall?

Yes, I do miss Jane. She has been gone a few months now. She was a lot of fun and brought an energy to the studio.

How is his relationship with Natasha?

Well, it's a bit tortured to say the least. He just wishes that she would stop lying to him and get her act together so they can have some semblance of a father/daughter relationship.

Do you think Michael will be able to build up a better relationship with her in the future?

You would hope so. Despite everything that Tash has done, he loves her.

Would you like that to happen, or do you find the difficult storylines more interesting to play?

The high drama is interesting, but it would also be nice to show their lighter sides.

Is Michael more cautious at work after being suspended unfairly?

Not not really. He is a man of principles, and he knows he's been unfairly treated.

Will he try to get revenge on Paul?

No, that's not his style.

Do you think Michael will find love again?

Well, I hope so. With Rebecca gone, it's been a long time between drinks.


How do you find working with the younger cast of Neighbours?

They're all great. Val [Valentina Novakovic who plays Tash] and I started at the same time and connected straight away, and all the cast young and older get along so well.


How do you think Neighbours will do at the Logies this year?

I think it's fantastic that the show has been nominated among a very competitive field, it's terrific to be acknowledged.