Sister act: Sonya and Jade

With the arrival of Jade threatening to tear Sonya's world apart, we meet the sisters at the heart of one of Ramsay Street's most shocking cover-ups.

Sister act: Sonya and Jade

The 'Who pushed PR?' scandal might until now have managed to drown out the clanking skeletons in Sonya's closet, but with the arrival of little sis Jade there's no getting away from one of Ramsay Street's most shocking cover-ups.

After a rollercoaster ride of a two years in Erinsborough, and having set up home with lovable lawman Toadie, it turns out that in youngster Callum the secretive Sonya has all along been playing mum to, well, her very own son. Gasp!

With the revelation promising an end to life as we know it for some of our fave faces, we pick our jaws up off the floor to meet the sister act at the heart of the scandal - and to find out what Neighbours' Eve Morey and Gemma Pranita think the future holds for their alter egos.

Sonya Mitchell

Sonya was first introduced to Neighbours viewers as a guide dog trainer who was hired to train Toadie's pooch Rocky, but soon found love as well as a job in Erinsborough when she struck up a relationship with Toadie.

Sonya's romance with the lawyer hit a stumbling block when he revealed that he'd fallen back in love with Steph. Unbeknown to poor Sonya, Toadie had agreed to enter a sham relationship with his ex to cover up the fact she was pregnant with Dan's baby. Steph eventually revealed the truth to Sonya, who vowed to wait for her true love.

With the past now behind them, Sonya has been enjoying life with her man again - but how will he react if he finds out that she's been harbouring a little secret of her own?

Eve Morey on...

Similarities to Sonya: I guess morally and ethically we're similar, and ultimately what we want is best for the people that we love. She probably goes about things in a way I don't understand and has been in a place of darkness that I don't understand.

Sonya and Jade: The last time Sonya and Jade saw each other was when Sonya left Callum with their grandmother. Sonya was in a very bad place and believes initially that Jade is back to get some revenge.

Sonya's secret: They told me and my jaw dropped...And then when you look back on how much Sonya had put up with Toadie with the whole Steph thing, you realise there had to be another agenda to go through what she did.

Working with Gemma: I actually feel like a kindred spirit; we just get each other. We have the same sense of humour, live around the corner from each other, and also, on a professional level, she offers so much and we have a similar work ethic.

Sonya's future: There is still a lot of darkness; she still has to go through a lot before she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. I'd like to see her reach her potential as a mother, because she ultimately needs to forgive herself for what has happened.

Jade Mitchell

Confident, spontaneous and a serial flirt, Jade lets nothing stand in her way of a good time - but while she has Erinsborough's bachelor boys falling at her feet, her arrival has been met with a frosty reception from estranged sis Sonya.

With knowledge of some long-hidden family secrets, Jade unwittingly unearths a potentially devastating cover-up when she finally meets Callum and learns the youngster's real name. Will she be able to keep the truh under wraps?

Gemma Pranita on...

Similarities to Jade: Firstly Jade is anti-relationships, and I've been in a relationship for five years, so we differ there. She is very opinionated, which I can be, but I don't think I'm brash with my ideas or assert my ideas onto people, which she does. And she is a fitness freak, which I am not!

Sonya and Jade: When Jade first arrives in Erinsborough, that relationship with Sonya is rocky to say the least, but in seeing how happy Sonya is, even though she was living a lie, Jade becomes fiercely supportive of Sonya. It's almost the Mitchell sisters against Ramsay Street.

Sonya's secret: She can't believe that Sonya has had to lie about this, and I think she believes that Sonya has grown and changed, and should now be the rightful mother of Callum. The truth should come out.

Working with Eve: She is like my sister in real life. I love her to bits, and I know this will be a friendship for life. I really got lucky with Eve.

Jade's future: I would like Jade to meet someone who really challenges her and breaks her down a bit, because she's a little bit of a martyr, and I think it should come in the form of a love interest.