Ashleigh: Come back, Charlene!

Neighbours actress Ashleigh Brewer would love Kylie Minogue to reprise her role as Charlene on the Australian soap.

Ashleigh Brewer as Kate Ramsay in Neighbours

It has been over two decades since Kylie Minogue left Ramsay Street - and Ashleigh Brewer reckons it's about time that she returned.

Kylie's Neighbours alter ego Charlene waved farewell to the soap after heading to Brisbane to start her new married life with Scott (Jason Donovan).

But Ashleigh, who plays Kate Ramsay, would like to be reunited with her distant on-screen relative, telling Inside Soap: 'I'd just love to meet Kylie - her character Charlene was related to the Ramsays, which is really exciting!

'I'd be over the moon if I ever met her, and tell anyone who'd listen all about it.'

Ashleigh revealed she is yet to meet anyone who has played past members of the Ramsay clan - which also includes Henry, played by Craig McLachlan, who left the soap in 1989.

'I haven't. Nobody from the family has come back to the show, but I think they need to,' she added.

With Kylie mentioning that she would like to make a guest cameo back on Neighbours, could a Charlene-Kate meeting be on the cards?