Big decisions for Sonya and Toadie

Neighbours' Eve Morey promises that life will be fun again for Sonya and Toadie, but there might be one or two issues for them to overcome first...

Big decisions for Sonya and Toadie

They've battled the return of an ex, some mixed advice from love doc Harold Bishop and a cover-up more twisted than Paul's morals, so it's safe to say that the relationship between newly reunited Neighbours couple Sonya and Toadie has seen more drama than most.

But, although star Eve Morey (Sonya) promises us that 'life will be fun again' for the popular pair, it seems there might be one or two more issues for them to overcome first.

It all kicks off this week as it becomes clear that Sonya and the lovable lawman don't quite see eye to eye when it comes to their views on tying the knot. 'At this point Sonya wants to get married for the wrong reasons, and Toadie doesn’t want to get married for the wrong reasons,' Eve tells us.

'They haven’t both independently reached a healthy perspective on it. She wants to do it for security to protect Callum, and he doesn’t want to do it... He feels it will jinx [their relationship], because his other marriages have gone that way.'

Eve is remaining tight-lipped about where the disagreement leads, but promises that there are exciting and game-changing times ahead. 'Sonya and Toadie are at a point in the their relationship where they have to make some really big decisions, and this will change the direction they move in.' Very cryptic!

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  • the1roadrunner

    almost 3 years ago


    So excited to see what is next instore for these two! Can't wait :)

  • Buttercup67

    almost 3 years ago


    I love Toadfish (not literally) but he is my most favourite character - and it was great seeing Harold the legend Bishop back for a stint!

  • Jenzzyuk

    almost 3 years ago


    I would love to see Toadie and Sonya Get Married because after Karl and Susan they are My Favourite Neighbours Couple.