Bob Morley returns to Ramsay Street

After wrapping on feature film Blinder, Bob Morley has returned to the Neighbours set - and he's sporting a brand new look. (Contains storyline spoilers)

Bob Morley has this week returned to the Neighbours set - and he's sporting a fresh new look.

The trademark shoulder-length locks are gone, replaced with a shorter, sharper haircut a result of his role in the feature film Blinder, which wrapped up shooting last month.

Bob took a 10-week break from his guest role as nurse Aidan Foster, the love interest of the regular character Chris Pappas (James Mason).

'I think it works that the character comes back looking a little different after a break-up, jokes Morley. 'It’s what you do.'

Morley and Mason’s on-screen romance has been a talking point in the media and fan forums, with devotees of the Aussie soap crushed by the fact that the handsome couple have gone their separate ways.

'That’s Ramsay Street for you: one minute it’s on, then it’s off. However, I don’t think the producers have me back for my nursing skills,' Bob adds. 'Lots more to come with those two.'