Chris Milligan pictured back on set

After being forced to take a break to recover from injury, Kyle star Chris Milligan has this week made a welcome return to the Neighbours set.

Chris Milligan pictured back on set

Now, here's a welcome face!

Last month we brought you the news that poor Chris Milligan, who plays Ramsay Street tradie Kyle Canning, had been forced to take a temporary break from Neighbours to recover from a sports injury.

Now, after some quality time spent putting his feet up, we're happy to report that Chris has returned to set just in time to film final episodes of the 2011 season in Australia, which will air here on Channel 5 in January 2012.

'After a month of virtually sitting on the couch, I’m rapt to be back at work,' said Chris. 'I just have to pace myself a bit.'

In the meantime, UK viewers can look forward to the introduction of Kyle's cousin Dane, played by Luke Pegler, who accepted a six-week guest role to pick up a storyline that was already in place.

And Luke, who will appear on our screens from November, assures viewers that his alter ego shares at least one thing in common with Kyle. 'Dane certainly has the Canning DNA and is probably just as oblivious as Kyle is to what's going on around him!'