Craig McLachlan drops in on the Neighbours

Former Neighbour Craig McLachlan today returned to his old stomping ground after over two decades away from Ramsay Street.

He became an '80s pin-up playing Ramsay Street's Henry Ramsay, and since his departure in 1989 has been seen in Home and Away, McLeod's Daughters and comedy At Home With Julia; today, over two decades since his last appearance on Neighbours, star Craig McLachlan returned to his old stomping ground in Nunawading, Melbourne, and the iconic studios that helped launch his TV career.

Unfortunately, for all long-time Neighbours aficionados, Craig's visit wasn't to reprise the role that made him a household name - instead he was filming an interview for an upcoming Aussie show about iconic '80s moments, in which his alter ego of course gets a deserving mention - but that didn't stop him posing for a few photos, just for old time's sake. Good to see you again, Craig!