Dieter set to cause a stir

Dieter Brummer has made the leap from Home and Away to Neighbours, via a ten-year break. He reveals why Toadie is not pleased about his arrival.

Dieter set to cause a stir

Dieter Brummer is set to cause a stir on Ramsay Street playing Captain Troy Miller, Sonya Mitchell's ex-boyfriend and father of her child Callum.

Dieter, 34, will be remembered by many soap fans as Shane Parrish, Angel's husband in Home and Away back in 1996. He then took a ten-year break from acting and, keen to do some hard work in the real world, became a high-rise window cleaner. The lure of acting proved too much to resist last year, though, when he followed the example of several Home and Away stars to join Australian TV series Underbelly and received rave reviews.

Now he is soldier Troy, and it looks like his appearance will cause a battle with Sonya's current boyfriend, Toadie, who is Callum's legal guardian.

How have you found being in Neighbours?

It has been great. It's lots of fun working with new cast members and I've loved being in Melbourne.

What kind of man is Troy Miller?

He has been through a lot of changes since the early days of his and Sonya's relationship. He certainly stands up for himself. He will turn like a cut snake if he's crossed and we're just starting to film that side of him now. 

What can you tell us about Troy's relationship with Sonya?

I think he would have been more dedicated to Sonya and their relationship in the past if he'd known that she decided to keep their baby. He has never really let go of Sonya. For whatever reason they finally decided to break up, and neither one of them was in a great place at the time. Then he left to join the army.

How does Toadie react when Troy arrives on the scene?

Well, he doesn't like it very much and sees Troy as a threat, as he's Callum's biological father, which is to be expected I suppose.

What is it like working with Eve Morey, who plays Sonya?

Wonderful. She is great to work with. We share the same sense of humour and she laughs at my jokes - what more can I ask for?

Was it strange working with Scott Major, who plays Lucas Fitzgerald on the set of Neighbours but used to play Murray in Home and Away?

We never worked together on Home and Away. We were both on different shows for the same network and that's how we formed a friendship, but I had left the show many years before Scott started. It has been great having him here and finally working with him.

Do you still remember you days in Home and Away? Are you still in touch with any of the cast at all?

Of course I still remember them. I am still in touch with some of the cast: Matt Doran, Tristan Bancks, Andrew Hill and occasionally, through Facebook, with some of the older actors. It was 16 years ago, so we've all moved on.

The guest appearance was just for seven weeks, but will we see Troy in Ramsay Street again?

Stranger things have happened, so you never ever know.

Troy seems like a good guy but in Underbelly you played a bad guy - which do you prefer and why?

We've yet to see Troy's true colours. Trevor on Underbelly started out as a cop wanting to do the right thing and serve his community, but then he had to follow suit, like many of the other guys, and became corrupt, although not necessarily bad. Those characters are much more interesting to play, especially if it comes from under the facade of goodness.