Family reunion on Ramsay Street

A decade after first appearing on Neighbours, Kirsty Child is to return to Ramsay Street as Susan's sister Carmel - but will they still see eye to eye?

Family reunion on Ramsay Street

It’s been a decade since actress Kirsty Child appeared on Neighbours, and for the experienced performer, returning to the show is like dropping in on a family member - literally.

Kirsty is playing Carmel Tyler, the older sister of Ramsay Street matriarch Susan Kennedy.  Seasoned fans will recall that on Carmel's first appearance in the show, in 2002, she was instrumental in helping Karl find her sister when she went missing while suffering from amnesia.

With Susan’s memory intact, Carmel’s latest surprise visit, which turns into an extended stay for two months, isn’t quite so dramatic.  However, the sisters’ strong personalities will have them butting heads in no time. The drama escalates when the newly single ladies find themselves vying for the attention of the same man. Who will win?

Kirsty and Jackie first met in the '70s when they both featured in the ironic Prisoner series. Her on-screen brother-in-law Alan Fletcher co-starred with her in Cop Shop.

'It’s been great fun to be back and wonderful to work with some familiar faces, and also lot of new and very talented young actors,' says Kirsty.  

Kirsty will be seen back on screen in Australia in November and on Channel 5 in December.