Farewells and new arrivals on Ramsay Street

It's all change on Ramsay Street going into 2013, with a number of cast saying goodbye, and a host of new and returning characters waiting in the wings.

Farewells and new arrivals on Ramsay Street

As production on the 2012 season draws to close in the coming weeks, a number of regular cast are saying goodbye to the famous neighbourhood, while some past Ramsay Street favourites are waiting in the wings for their dramatic return in 2013.

Along with Valentina Novakovic, Jordan Smith (Andrew Robinson), Kaiya Jones (Sophie Ramsay) and Ben Barber (Dr Rhys Lawson) are also signing off.

How the characters depart remains top secret; however, according to the producers, there will be heartbreak and triumphs.

'All the characters departing will leave a legacy on Ramsay Street which is testament to the extraordinary talents of the actors playing them,' said Richard Jasek, Neighbours' Executive Producer.   'Communities are constantly changing and Neighbours is reflective of this.'

'2013 will be an extraordinary year of revelations and dynamic story arcs which unfold at a cracking pace, and we look forward to taking viewers on this roller coaster.'

Nicola Charles (Sarah Beaumont), Carla Bonner (Steph Scully) and hunky Scott McGregor (Detective Mark Brennan) are all set to shake up Ramsay Street next year, while the newest residents, the Turner family, arrive under a shroud of secrecy.