Gemma Pranita films final scenes

Gemma Pranita’s final scene as Ramsay Street's Jade required a river of tears, and the talented 26-year-old didn't fail to deliver.

Filmed this week at Neighbours' studio, Gemma Pranita's final scenes as Ramsay Street's Jade Michell  required a river of tears - and the talented 26-year-old didn't fail to deliver.

'I didn’t need to dig too deep; the tears came very easily,' says Gemma, who joined the soap two years ago.

Gemma was swamped by gifts and flowers from fellow co-stars and crew, and was taken aback to see Ramsay Street legend Ian Smith, aka Harold Bishop, among her admirers. Ian worked with Gemma last year when he returned to Neighbours for a guest appearance.

'Gemma is not only an exceptional talent; she is a lovely person and a delight to work with,' says Ian.

The actress decided earlier this year not to continue her contract, with the aim of pursuing other roles.

'I’ve loved this job so much, but I felt that two years was long enough to play one character,' explains Gemma. 'I became an actor to play lots of different roles, and while Jade has been an amazing, I need to challenge myself and do other things.'

Gemma will head back to Sydney to work on a project with her theatre company, Cry Havoc, before heading overseas. 

Her final scenes will air in Australia in November in Australia and on Channel 5 in December.

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  • Emma27

    over 1 year ago


    Noooo i love her being on neighbours!! I don't want her to go!!

  • georgie

    over 1 year ago


    Jordans hair!!

  • Big Abdul

    over 1 year ago

    Big Abdul

    She's one of the few reasons why i started watching neighbours again. plus reminds me of my childhood, everythings seems a lot more 'brighter' there... darn i hate work today. lol

  • lynn

    over 1 year ago


    sorry to see your leaving neighbours but good luck in all you do in your career