Jackie and Stefan talk Ramsay Street rivalry

Neighbours icons Jackie Woodburne and Stefan Dennis open up on Susan and Paul's screen rivalry - and reveal the topics most likely to see them clash off-air.

Neighbours stalwarts Jackie Woodburne and Stefan Dennis are adversaries on-air, and things get pretty nasty between the two foes next month.  Paul plots to have Susan removed from the editor’s chair of the Erinsborough News, but the feisty former school principal is not giving up without a fight.

However, off screen the Ramsay Street legends couldn’t be tighter friends…or could they?

'Just never talk politics with Jackie,' jokes Stefan. 'If there is one subject she will fire up about, it’s that one.'

Jackie is quick to respond, 'That’s absolutely what we clash about in real life, but in a fun, energetic and no-hard-feelings kind of way.'

Jackie and Stefan have worked together since 2004, when Paul returned to his old stomping ground after being away for just over a decade.

'Paul is one of those characters who’s on the periphery of everybody’s lives in Ramsay Street. He is so Machiavellian, so once Jackie and I actually got storylines where we were really involved together, we started having a lot of fun and it’s continued,' says Stefan.

And do the two stars share any common interests off-air?

'We both love chocolate, and will regularly bring for each other a sample of something new we’ve found and munch away in the green room critiquing our latest high calorie discovery,' laughs Jackie.

So, given that Susan's now a single woman, could a romance ever be on the cards between her and Paul?

'Never say never!' Jackie replies. 'I think they’d probably have to be trapped in a bomb shelter or something, though. Then we might see some action; otherwise I doubt it!'