Jackie reveals challenge ahead for Susan

Neighbours' Jackie Woodburne hints at the drama ahead for the Kennedys and reveals how she rates their future as a couple. Warning: Contains spoilers!

Jackie reveals challenge ahead for Susan

It's not for nothing that Karl and Susan Kennedy have earned the unofficial title of Ramsay Street's power couple: not many could survive the dramas they've seen and still be talking to each other, let alone have been married three times!

But just as the couple look ahead to a new chapter, with their sizeable brood having flown the nest at No 28, it seems they're also about to face one of their biggest challenges yet.

As part of a storyline which begins to unfold on Channel 5 next week, Susan strikes up a close friendship with Jim Dolan and, as she supports the neighbourhood builder through his cancer battle, finds herself at odds with Karl.

Jackie Woodburne tells us that, unlike Karl, her alter ego Susan struggles with the quiet life, having  for so long been kept busy by work and motherhood: 'Her challenge I think is to going to be to find out who she is as one half of a couple, as opposed to being the hub of a wheel.'

Asked if she and co-star Alan Fletcher were worried about what the storyline might mean for the Kennedys' future as a couple, Jackie reveals: 'We both were. When we heard about it, when we saw each other, we went, "They’re going to break us up. I think they’re going to break us up. Oh no, now we’re going to work with other people!"

She adds, 'No, we both have the same attitude to the work. We’re hungry for stories and we’re hungry for new developments for the characters, so it’s just something else to explore.'

But how does Jackie rate the couple's chances? 'If they can survive two affairs with 25-year-olds, I think they can probably survive anything!'