Live Twitter Q&A with Jackie and Jordan

Are you on Twitter? Get ready to tweet your questions for Jackie Woodburne (Susan) and Jordan Smith (Andrew) when they take over our account this week.

Love tweeting? Stand by for our Neighbours Twitter takeover!

This week Ramsay Street stars Jackie Woodburne (Susan) and Jordan Smith (Andrew) are paying us a welcome visit, and while they're here we've invited them to take over our official Neighbours Twitter account (@NeighboursTV) to answer some of your questions.

If you'd like to take part, make sure you're logged in to Twitter and ready to tweet @NeighboursTV with your questions for Jackie and Jordan live between 2.15pm and 2.30pm on Wednesday 2 May, after the soap's lunchtime episode.

If your question is for Jackie, please add #askjackie to your tweets; if your question is for Jordan, use #askjordan.

Please note that Jackie and Jordan will be with us for 15 minutes so will only be able to answer a selection of your tweets; if you're unable to join us but have a question for either or both of them, post it as a comment below before 12pm (noon) on Wednesday 2 May and it may be used for an upcoming website interview.