Mark Brennan's best bits

We honour Detective Mark Brennan's exit from Neighbours with a look at some of your favourite moments and a line-up of top video clips.

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We've seen him lead the investigation into Paul's Lassiter's fall, uncover corruption in the police force and sweep local lass Kate Ramsay (played by Ashleigh Brewer) off her feet, so it was clear from the start that Neighbours' Detective Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) was worthy of an equally memorable send-off when his exit was announced earlier this year.

Today that bittersweet moment arrived, as we said a sad goodbye to the Erinsborough hunk in a thrilling real-time episode which saw Kate given just 30 minutes to decide whether or not to join him in witness protection.

In honour of the big day, we asked you to share some of your favourite Mark moments, and although most of you simply couldn't choose - you loved his every scene - there were a few standouts that won your vote, especially if they involved his on/off relationship with a certain Ms Ramsay. reader Tracy singled out Mark and Kate's first kiss, saying they were 'made for each other'. Emilie agreed, adding that it won't just be Kate left heartbroken if the dishy detective doesn't return to the Street.

Jenny liked the moment Mark first asked Kate on a date, prompting advice from cupid Donna, while Buttercup_WL named the episode where he put his relationship before the Paul Robinson case as a particular highlight.

And there was high praise indeed from Haron, who has been watching Neighbours since the days of Jane and Mike, and says that Mark and Kate's romance storyline has been the best in a long time - even if the detective's fling with Jade did prove a shocker!

Special mention also goes to Mark's wardrobe (or lack thereof). It's clear that most of you would be happy to see the hot detective wearing as little as possible, but failing that, his infamous leather jacket was a clear favourite.

Whatever moment wins your vote, we've pulled together just a selection of top video clips from Mark's time on Ramsay Street - click here to start watching them.