More than bromance for Chris?

Neighbours might get its first gay romance now Chris Pappas has come out.

More than bromance for Chris?

There are gay characters aplenty in soap these days, and now Neighbours has finally got itself one too - hurrah!

Chris Pappas opened up about his sexuality after splitting up with Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas).

Now James Mason, who plays him, reveals his character may embark on a gay romance.

The actor says, 'It's not confirmed yet, but there is a chance that Chris will find romance, but unfortunately some restrictions here in Australia prevent us from showing certain things at the time that Neighbours is shown.'

James admits that he might get a little red-faced if he was asked to snog a bloke.

'I won't lie,' he says.  'Yes, I would find it awkward if I had to do any male kissing scenes.'

But Chris is the first regular gay male character in 25 years of the Ramsay Street soap, and James is pleased to be part of a first for the show.

'I was a little bit nervous at first about how the audience would respond to the coming out of the character, but really excited to get the opportunity to do something that no one else had done on Neighbours,' he says.

About time!