Neighbours break for Kyle star Chris

The Neighbours writers have swung into action after news of star Chris Milligan's footy injury.

Neighbours break for Kyle star Chris

In the last three years we've seen him make the move from bad lad to budding entrepreneur, and as Erinsborough's most eligible bachelor he's still managing to keep housemate Jade on her toes and us glued to our screens: it's hard to imagine Ramsay Street without Kyle Canning.

But that's just what the Neighbours writers were forced to do yesterday when they heard that star Chris Milligan, who plays the resident tradie, had snapped an Achilles tendon playing football and would be out of the show for at least five weeks to recuperate.

'We’ve rewritten some scenes which explain Kyle’s absence, and as a former nurse, I’ll be monitoring his rehabilitation,' jokes the soap's executive producer Susan Bower. 'It’s part of the business. Accidents and sickness happen. You just move to Plan B very quickly.'

Chris is due to have surgery in the next 24 hours and is expected to be in a wheelchair for the next few weeks. Being the good mate that he is, co-star Jordan Smith (Andrew Robinson) is said to have been clearing a pathway at their share house ready for Chris's temporary mode of transport!

Get well soon, Chris!