Neighbours casts new ally for Tash

There's an unlikely meeting of minds in store when 22-year-old Sebastian Gregory makes his Ramsay Street debut as maths genius Ed Lee...

Neighbours casts new ally for Tash

Actor and musician Sebastian Gregory, who was applauded for his portrayal of a solitary teenager in the 2009 feature movie Beautiful with Asher Keddie, is currently filming a guest role in Neighbours.

Sebastian, 22, who divides his time between Los Angeles and his hometown of Melbourne, plays Ed Lee, a mathematics genius who becomes an unlikely ally of wild child Tash Williams (Valentina Novakovic).

If Sebastian looks familiar to fans of the longtime soap, he had a fleeting part as a 16-year-old as the boyfriend of former Neighbours starlet, Caitlin Stacey.

'It was a very short romance, about three episodes,' jokes Sebastian.  In his latest role, which is currently scheduled for four months, he is set to have more of a memorable impact on Ramsay Street as his character introduces Tash to some of his unusual pastimes. Say no more.

'He is very different but also likable; I’m really enjoying playing him,' adds Sebastian.

Find out more when Sebastian makes his UK debut in late June.

Comments (6)

  • Jessica

    almost 2 years ago


    I agree with you Henry that Tash deserves a romance and I would like to see her grow as a character but I don't quite understand the rest of your comment. Tash has only just left school and become an adult thus as a child it was her father's duty to provide for her and some would argue it still is. Although I do think she should get a part time job now that she is an adult.

  • pip

    2 years ago


    erm, where on here does it say anything about a romance you lot?! nothing wrong with a new friend

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  • Jenny

    2 years ago


    Yay! Im glad Tash is going to have a bit of romance!!!

  • Henry Butler

    2 years ago

    Henry Butler

    Shame it is a guest role as Tash deserves to have a long romance. Really looking forward to see how Tash will cope without her father, Michael. She used to depend on Michael a lot especially when he paid for the mortgage, bills, her clothes, etc... Now it is Tash's turn to do everything herself. Her new ally sounds interesting. Good call Richard Jasek!1

  • Wilma da Fonseca

    2 years ago

    Wilma da Fonseca

    It's about time Tash gets someone to partner her. She has been single too long.