Neighbours: Remixed sing-off result announced

The search for the new voice of Neighbours is complete! Find out the results of the sing-off between UK finalist Daniel and Aussie contender Stephanie.

In a surprise decision, the search for the new voice of the Neighbours theme tune has resulted in two finalists being given the chance to star as a duet on the opening titles of the iconic series.

This morning entertainment legend Barry Crocker, Neighbours Executive Producer Richard Jasek and Neighbours Music Director Chris Pettifer announced that Australian finalist Stephanie Angelini and UK finalist Daniel Boys were both winners of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So torn were the judges by the two finalists’ extraordinary renditions of the Neighbours song, which is one of the most recognised television themes in the world, they unanimously agreed both Stephanie and Daniel would feature as a duet.

“Both Stephanie and Daniel have exquisite voices, and together created a harmony which took us all by surprise. We couldn’t let the opportunity go to put these extraordinary performers together and the end result has far exceeded all expectations,' says Richard Jasek, Neighbours Executive Producer and competition judge.

Stephanie and Daniel performed the iconic theme in a sing-off in a Melbourne recording studio last Friday.

'This is absolutely amazing,' says an elated Stephanie, who also celebrates her 21st birthday today.

'For someone starting out in the music industry, it’s an incredible opportunity and I’m honoured to sing with Daniel such a great theme tune to an iconic Australian series. I’ve been a fan of Neighbours for many years and to know that our voices will be heard on the show every night, that is just incredible.'

'I’m so happy right now. This whole competition and trip here has been amazing,” says Daniel, who took time off from a UK tour of the stage production High Society to participate in the competition.

'Stephanie is such a lovely girl and the outcome could not have been better. I can’t wait for the public to hear the new theme sung by us.'

Channel 5 viewers can hear the new voices of Neighbours over the show’s opening titles from next Monday (April 15), with a new opening title sequence set to follow in May.

Comments (8)

  • jackie

    11 months ago


    The new neighbours song is rubbish, bring back the original

  • jodi

    12 months ago


    What a pity such talent turned out such a horrible noise in the end!

  • Lucia

    1 year ago


    Daniel reminds me so much of 'Lance Wilkinson' (ex neighbour's character) from some angles!!

  • George

    1 year ago


    Was this all just a bogus publicity stunt?

  • angela sullivan

    1 year ago

    angela sullivan

    Well done daniel and steph. Great decision!

  • James Shearer

    1 year ago

    James Shearer

    How nice that they got Barry Crocker in as well to do the judging and join in the fun.

  • Sarah Wood

    1 year ago

    Sarah Wood

    We done Daniel and Stephanie for both winning and dueting the Neighbour's theme tune. Brilliant decision.

  • Richard Boys

    1 year ago

    Richard Boys

    So proud of my bro - and pleased for Steph too. Their two amazing voices combined should make for an awesome new theme tune!