New faces and big-name returns for Ramsay Street in 2013

Neighbours is set to welcome back a plethora of its most popular characters, along with a brand new family, in what promises to be an eventful 2013.

In what will mark its 28th year on television, Neighbours is set to welcome back a plethora of its most popular characters, along with a brand new family, in what promises to be an eventful 2013.

Favourite biker babe Steph Scully (Carla Bonner) and Sarah Beaumont (Nicola Charles) both return to Ramsay Street, along with Detective Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor), who was believed to be killed in action. Lauren Turner (Kate Kendall, Stingers) daughter of Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver) will return to her childhood home, accompanied by her husband, Erinsborough's newly appointed police sergeant Matt Turner (Josef Brown), and their teenage children Mason (Taylor Glockner), Amber (Jennsa Rosenow) and Bailey (Calen Mackenzie).

Rick Maier, Executive Producer of Drama and Production at Austrlia's Network Ten, says: 'Neighbours is always as its most compelling when fans are rewarded for their commitment. Next year's new stories and all-star cast just look and feel fantastic. Steph Scully back on Ramsay Street? Sarah Beaumont? And some people thought Erinsborough was such a quiet place to live...'

'We are thrilled that they are returning to Ramsay Street and equally excited to be introducing a new family with original ties to the neighbourhood.'

Kate Kendall, who's taking on the role of Lauren Turner, adds: 'It's exciting to be joining Australia's longest running drama and to be working with such an array of experienced actors. To be palying a character such as Lauren Turner, who is deeply embedded in the storyline and who of course is Lou Carpenter's daughter, is such a wonderful opportunity.'

Both the Turner family and Nicola Charles as Sarah Beaumont will first be seen on air in early February in Australia and in March on Channel 5.

Carla Bonner (Stephanie Scully) will be back on our screens from March (Australia)/April (UK); followed by Scott McGregor, who'll be seen from April (Australia)/May (UK).

Prepare to welcome back...

Sarah Beaumont (Nicola Charles)

Nicola Charles as Sarah BeaumontSarah Beaumont was a medical receptionist, who had an affair with married man Karl Kennedy in 1997. All of the details of their tryst were eventually brought to light when Sarah returned to Erinsborough in 2005.


Stephanie Scully (Carla Bonner)

Carla Bonner as Steph ScullyIt all seemed to come undone for Steph after falling pregnant to best friend Libby's husband Dan, then pretending the baby was Toadie's and finally getting married to cover up the infidelity! With Paul Robinson finally outing the shocking truth, Steph's friendship with Libby was destroyed and, in turn, a fatal decision saw her tragically hit Ringo while riding her motorbike. Steph was charged with manslaughter and reckless driving, and was given a six-year jail sentence, which she's currently serving in a low security facility in Bendigo.

Detective Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor)

Scott McGregor as Det. Mark BrennanOur hearts melted when Kate Ramsay and Mark Brennan finally got together. They were the perfect couple, so it seemed, and the residents of Ramsay Street relished seeing them both find happiness. It didn't last long, though. After Brennan blew the whistle on a corrupt colleague, he was forced to go into witness protection and, when Kate didn't make it in time to flee with him, their relationship came to a sudden end. Kate was left to grieve months later when Toadie discovered Brennan was supposedly killed whilst in hiding.