In pictures: Ramsay Street crash

Spoiler alert! Behind-the-scenes pictures tease the terror set to befall six much-loved Erinsborough faces in an upcoming plotline.

Hang onto your seats! Neighbours is in for a bumpy ride in September, when six of the show’s popular teens make a fateful decision that will change their lives forever.

Neighbours puts the spotlight on two of the major causes of road fatalities and injuries among young Australian drivers – distraction and overloading cars.

Sophie (Kaiya Jones) is missing following a crash involving the Ramsay Street teens'When we were plotting the story, we were staggered to learn how common it is for young drivers to be coerced into taking more passengers than legally allowed and are then so easily distracted,' says Richard Jasek, Neighbours' Executive Producer.

In the case of the Neighbours characters, it’s peer pressure, which ultimately decides their fate.

'Ironically the character who is driving is the most responsible of all our teens but succumbs to pressure to allow one too many passengers,' Richard explains.

'It is one of those decisions that at the time seems quite harmless because they’re not traveling very far but like real life situations, distance has nothing to do with it.'

Will all of the teens survive? Find out when the drama unfolds on Channel 5 from 17 September.