Sachin and Menik tease relationship drama for the Kapoors

Ajay and Priya Kapoor may seem like they have it all, but upcoming episodes will tell a different story. Sachin Joab and Menik Gooneratne give us the lowdown.

Sachin and Menik tease relationship drama for the Kapoors

Teaser alert!

Neighbours' Ajay and Priya Kapoor may seem like they have it all, but upcoming episodes will tell a different story.

Things aren’t quite so harmonious for Ramsay Street’s newest residents when Ajay buys number 24 without consulting Priya - and their relationship goes downhill from there as one of the biggest revelations of 2012 begins to unfold.

Here's some inside gossip from two people closest to the drama - Sachin Joab, who plays the affable Ajay, and Menik Gooneratne, the feisty and determined Priya.

Ajay and Priya seem like the perfect couple. Why do you think cracks are starting to show in their relationship?

Sachin: They work too hard!  I think they are so busy with life and Ajay wants to do everything for his family’s future that they’re actually forgetting about living in the moment.
Menik: Priya is the one that keeps it together, and when Ajay makes decisions without her involvement, she doesn’t like it.  I think it’s been brewing for a while.

Who do you think is the real boss in this relationship?

Menik: Definitely Priya. She makes the hard decisions.
Sachin: Well, I’m not going to argue with that! Definitely Priya.

Do you think they are have let their careers influence their relationship?

Menik: They are both high achievers for all the right reasons, but they have unintentionally put their careers first.
Sachin: Everything Ajay does is for his family, but he is forgetting about what’s important and that is being with them.

Are you anything like your characters?

Menik: I’m not sure if I’m quite the achiever Priya is, but I’m pretty determined when I put my mind to it.
Sachin: He is probably a better drummer.  Definitely the way he loves his family and how important they are to him.

Viewers obviously know you best as Ajay and Priya. What do you think they'd be surprised to learn about you?

Menik: In another life I was behind the lens as a photographer.
Sachin: I was into hip hop dancing in my younger days and entered a few competitions. You can stop laughing, Menik.

You have both been on Neighbours for nearly a year. What’s been the highlight so far?

Menik: Definitely going to Ramsay Street for the first time and my little scene with Dieter Brummer, because as a teenager I was madly in love with him when he was Shane on Home and Away.
Sachin: Working with some great directors and experienced actors, like Alan Fletcher, Jackie (Woodburne) and Stefan (Dennis).

There was quite a lot of interest in the Kapoors when they were first announced. How are things now?

Menik: We’re just part of the furniture now; we just blended in.
Sachin: I think people see us as normal now, and our cultural backgrounds are barely mentioned.

Comments (4)

  • James Shearer

    over 1 year ago

    James Shearer

    I think that they probably will have an affair or at least a kiss (don't kiss and tell if you already know that they are) but I do feel that's a shame in that a core family has only just moved into the street and matrimonial harmony is disrupted immediately. It would be great to have a drama like Neighbours where one couple stay as a couple throughout their time on the programme...

  • GillianH81

    over 1 year ago


    Priya and Paul are going to have an affair.

  • James Shearer

    over 1 year ago

    James Shearer

    Yes, I agree - I think that they have the potential to make Priya a great character in both strong dramatic and comedic storylines.

  • Hana

    over 1 year ago


    Im really excited to see how fiesty Priya can be- especially when up against Paul!