Scott Major opens up on hard-hitting storyline

Spoiler alert! With Lucas set to be at the centre of a hard-hitting storyline, Scott Major reveals how it he hopes to raise awareness of a life-affecting issue.

Scott Major opens up on hard-hitting storyline

Neighbours star, Scott Major who plays Lucas Fitzgerald on the long running series, hopes next week’s episodes featuring his character’s cancer diagnosis will help raise awareness of early detection and future research.

Scott has experienced first-hand the impact of cancer, losing his father four years ago to non-Hodgkin’s mantle cell lymphoma, and one of his closest friends is presently battling leukemia.

'I think it is very important to raise awareness of all kinds of cancer so to use a platform like Neighbours, which has millions of viewers, worldwide is a fantastic opportunity. I was very happy to accept the story. Sadly, everyone in their life time will be touched by cancer in someway,' says Scott.

In the upcoming story which starts on Channel 11 next week and in the UK on 3 May, the normally happy-go-lucky Lucas is initially in denial which Scott explains is a common reaction.

'When you find out a diagnosis like that with the possibility of it being terminal, I’ve learnt from those around me who have gone through it, there are different stages of grief which includes denial, anger and acceptance, so I think Lucas’s reaction is very typical.'

Scott is working with the Cancer Council of Victoria on their upcoming awareness and fundraising campaigns.