Sneak peek of the Kapoors' new home

Spoiler alert! The Kapoors are set to move into a new home in Erinsborough, and we've got our hands on a sneak peek.

Neighbours' newest family, the Kapoors, have officially moved into Ramsay Street, and we've got our hands on a sneak peek of their new abode.

No prizes for guessing which house they have taken over, but how, when and why they come to be the proud new owners will all be revealed in upcoming episodes.

To create a homely feeling, Menik Gooneratne, who plays Priya Kapoor, brought some of her own family photos to decorate the set.

'Although I’m officially at work, having photos of my parents and grandparents taken when they lived in Sri Lanka makes it feel more like home,' says Menik, who was born in England and settled in Australia when she was eight-years-old.

Recently married in real life, Menik joined the cast of Neighbours last year, along with Sachin Joab as on-screen husband Ajay and Coco-Jacinta Cherian as teen daughter Rani.

'I love the way the family have been introduced to Ramsay Street and there is a lot in store for them which I’m very excited about,' Menik adds.